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A cake that I suppose is from Vancouver

Hello, dear Italki members,


in an old magazine I found a recipt that is said to be a tipycal cake from Vancouver.

I did it and it was very tasty but the the dough was too crumbly.

I looked for it in internet but I could not find so do someone can tell me the right proportion for the mixture? Here it is what I have.


Thank you in advance :)


For the mixture:

170 g of flour

50 g of hazelnut powder

75 g of butter

50 g sugar

1 yolk 

grated rind of lemon


For the filling:

4 apples

70 g  of walnuts

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

2 spoons of cream

a small glass of orange liqueur

3 spoons of brown sugar



To Comandante: not much... but better than nothing :P


You are welcome :)

I baked something like this but not exactly this one. I think you'd better add some milk or extra butter in it. The dough I made was incredibly soft, fluffy and tender. :)


To Royalcrown and Malarkey, yes I added water in small quantity (spoon by spoon) but it did not helped. 

I think is the hazelnut powder that "create problems" in the mixture composition. I know that I can do the cake without it, may be using the dough I do for strudel, but I would like not to renouce to the taste of hazelnut. 

To Sarah, yes I will try with more butter and some milk and let you know :)))

... and I am sure whatever you cook is fantastic!


thank you for Recipe greet you

Elisa, let me tell you some of my cooking secrets. :)


In order to have a soft and fluffy dough, first of all beat your yolk egg with an electric mixer on high speed for about 5 minutes untill the size becomes  double and it turns a pale yellow. I always use powdered suger. Melt the butter in microwave, and then add powdered suger and butter to the beaten yolk and mix the mixture with an electric mixer. At this stage, you will find out that mixture is extremely soft and fluffy. Sifted flour always makes your cake, and biscuits fluffier and lighter. So, most of the time I sift my flour. Finally, You should add your sifted flour to the mixture slowly and stir it in one direction with spoon.


I'm wondering if you use baking powder or bakind soda in your cake. Just one more thing, I always use vanilla powder or vanilla extract, when I want to beat my eggs.

To Sara: I use baking powder in my cakes. Yes, eggs must be beaten but usually I skip this for lack of time :(

For example, the mixture for strudel is always soft and easy spreadability but not this one. I like apple cakes, and winter cakes that's why I do apreciate this receipt.



it seems to tasty to eat.

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