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What do you think about having a love affair in university?

Do you believe that there is true love in unversity?



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Well why not? Many of my married friends met each other in university.

However if what you meant was true *hard working, self sacrificing love* I guess you can only tell after a hardships together.

i think it beatiful!~

I've an elder cousin who married a girl from his university. They're both doctors and happily married for 5 years. 


I think it's possible to find true love in university because we spend a lot of time together interacting with each other. We observe each other's behaviour, attitude, personality, temperament and so on. We can develop understanding and find similarities. There's always a chance to find someone who really loves you or you love him. 


However, it depends on us, how much we give space to the other people and how much we are really interested in finding love in university. 

It is possible.


People can have love affair everywhere they wish


Other people's love is not  any of my business.

Dear Xiuhua Ma, 

 i don't  believe it. It depends on your feelings.  The things oor we say that money  makes no solution. And some parents choose their husband or wife  who has an equal or better education  like their child. you can see yourself, you will soon find out.... 

I believe that true love can be found anywhere but you have to be sure that the other person has the same feeling towards you and if he does ,dont lose it and you can call it a expirment which you are ready to go through and if it will be a sccessful one then you are lucky and if it wont be a successful then you will learn from it

Good luck !

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