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Better to concentrate on one language, or practise more than one at the same time?

Hey! :)

What do you think?

Is it bad, to learn a language and "pause" all the other ones (case given that you learn more than one of course;) ? 

Or is it better? 

How do you prefer it... I would be interested in your opinion and experiences!! 





There is a saying "You can be the jack of all trades and the master of none" meaning that you need to get great at one thing at a time, and not have a million things you are only ok at.

Master one language and the rest will be so much easier because your brain will know how to respond.

It depends on various factors. 


What are your priorities? How much time do you have? Can you manage to learn multiple languages and do you think you can do it effectively?


If learning more than one language is your requirement, or you are just interested in and you have got time too, so it wouldn't be a bad idea. If you think you can manage that and it wouldn't be hard enough, then simply go ahead. 


However, if you want to focus on just one language and you think if'd be hard to learn more than one language at a time, it's your own choice and there is nothing wrong.


Some people think it's hard to learn more languages at the same time and some think it isn't that hard. Again it depends on you. Your priorities, interests, passion and the time you have to speand on learning languages.


In my case, I'm learning more than one language and i think it gets hard sometimes but i'm passionate so it doesn't matter a lot, and i've got some spare time too which is really helping me out.






I prefer to focus on one langauge because if you learn 2 languages in the same time it can be cofused and you can mix up between 2 of them 

for example if you learn french and italian and they have many things in common and you want to say "good night " to your french friend and instead of saying " bon soir " you say it in italian " buona sera"

so it can be confusing but some people are capable to do that and hope you are one of them ;)

Good luck !

I think it depends on your personality.  I had no probelm studying two languages in Highschool in the same semester, never mixed words from either of them up or anything.  Of course, now with a less structured learning style I don't think I could study two languages at once.

Personally I think that it depends on what languages you learn :)

For example, if one has a good command of Spanish, thus Italian or Portugese will be a piece of cake. But if one focuses on Chinese (esp a beginner) while fumbling his way through the process of German, thus I would bless him............

If language suspended too low I think I should listen to some language practice

Then find your friends to help you

Thank you all for your opinions!!! :)

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