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We meet people, who we deserve

Do we deserve people, who appear in our life? There is an opinion, that we meet people, who largely equate our character. If somebody is jealous - it means we are jealous, somebody is picky, distrustful or intorelant - we have this thing in our character. Other people are our reflection. So, to have better people in our life, we have change ourselves. What do you think about it?   



I agree and disagree in the same time .because sometimes it is true and you can find people who really like you but it isn't a rule because not all people are like you and they don't have the same character as you .for example good man can fall in love with a mean girl or the contrary. did they met the ones who deserve ? No. so in case like this ,we don't meet who we really deserve and imagine if a very jealous guy loves a very jealous girl or they get married you know that their life will be like hell 

"good guys deserve good girls " Destiny of God

I don't think that it's true. Sometimes evil people are surrounded by good company or on the contrary kind man has relationships with malign person. 

I once read a report and according to my memory, it implied that people with similar genes tend to mingle together, and according to my personal experience, I think this is 90% correct. 

But some characters are predestined, which is the same with "why is earth earth and universe universe?" and "why I am who I am?"


In order to solve this paradox, we can change but not change to satisfy someone; we can stay the same but not to cling to mistakes. To strike a balance within our souls is the only aim in this short life.


And I am curious about different opinions on this topic.


To Comandante

I agree with you, but I think, it's more difficult question. I don't mean the situations, when the people become victims of the thieves and killers. In that case any blamings are absurd. I also don't understand enough the statement like this: "The nation has such government, which deserve", but, I agree, this is a philosophic question. I mean rather the cases, when one person every time meets people, who have the same "minuses": jealous, lazy, false etc. Not sometimes, but always. And how understand the famous statement "The same is attractive for the same"?    



We meet people that we meet.

Who deserve what is just an opinion.

Who is in charge to decide ?


Who deserve what is just an opinion.

Judgement on what one deserves is someone's opinion only.


It's interesting! We really arrange our contacts with people, who equate ourselves. But when we see the negative sings in some one, maybe, we have to check ourselves also? Maybe, we'll find the same negative sing in our character... Do we meet this person with his negative sings for one main purpose: to change ourselves, to see our negative, to think about it and to be better? But it's possible, if we are able to see critical on ourselves, not only think: "I'm just a victim of bad person". However it's always difficult)   

凸Ein Sarg凸

I think, it's very important: to change, but not change to satisfy someone. Otherwise we'll lose ourselves:) But it's true, when we don't mean necessary, rational compromise for attitude with other people, especially with people, who are important for us. The balance is only one possible, right solution, I think))


Yes, it's not simple question, and we can say only personaliy) As 凸Ein Sarg凸 said, don't change to satisfy someone. I just can add: don't make decisions based on what others think is right. But it's a little off topic, maybe?)) I mean rather the statement  like these: "they are hand and glove", or, as Russian says "два сапога - пара", or, as Ukrainian says "яке їхало -таке і здибало":)) I think, the similar statements has everything nations. So does it mean, that "the similar is attractive the similar"? But of course, we can't understand it so literally:))  

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