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Practice grammar roules


I know the importants roules in English for Tenses and for example much and many and when I make excercises only on one roule (Present tense for example) I have no problems with it.

But when I speak in a conference or writing emails I can t think about signalwords and so my mistakes are horrible.

How can I train the roules on a good way to become better.

Do you have tips for me ?





Hi Michael:

An easy way to practice grammar for me is "Put in the correct order".

You can use a review of the news and split the sentences, mix the parts and put in the correct order to make a sentence, even you can re-write it but in another tense as a result you practice grammar and tense at the same time.



thanks Luis,

but what do you mean with Put in the correct order ? Is it a programm what I can buy ?



I think the best way to get better is to practice speaking.  I have a similar problem - I am much better at taking a written test about German than actually speaking German.  When it is written and I have time to think, it is usually not hard to find the right answer.  But when speaking, everything is very fast and it's easy for me to make lots of errors. 


I am trying to spend less time writing things and more time having conversations - I think that's the best way to get better.  It makes the rules come naturally.


Thanks Danny, I think this could be good, I have here a teacher and she told me in the first lesson the same.....Speaking is the best way.




I have heard that making mistakes is the best way to learn. That is easier said than accepted :)  Is your question about getting the right tense in English? 

I am willing to speak and practice with you. I want to improve my german and I'm good in english grammar. If you have any specific question regarding grammar just ask



Hi Michael,


I think grammar rules came into being through neccessity, so find the situations where you actually need to use a specific rule to make your meaning clear. Using vague examples where several rules could fit (with slight differences) will probably do your learnng more harm than good.


Speaking (ie. real application) is good practice, but only if you pay attention. Also, make sure the listener is willing to give you the correct and natural phrase instead of saying, "It's OK, I understand what you meant." It is too easy to speak in circles and repeat the same mistakes. The result will be that your English actually gets worse - I'm saying this from the experience of testing students after "only conversation".


The correct word is "rules." :)

Hi Michael,

I too have the same confusion in German. What I found out from my German teacher is that, the knowledge of the native language grammar, creates the confusion. German & English has different grammar rules. So when you are framing a sentence in mail or speaking try not translate it from german to english in mind, this will frame wrong grammar. so try to speak or write without translating in mind.


happy learning.

Neelam Dihingia


[Ich komme aus Indien. Ich lernen Deutsch fur miener studium in Deutschland. Bitte, helfen mich bei Deutsch sprache. Ich helfen Sie bei English zuruck]- Es tut mir lied, Ich finde nicht "umlaut" in die tastatur.

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