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Hard drinking in Russia

With the beginning of the new year holidays in Russia in newspapers more often you can see the advertisements:

- help with a hard drinking

- help with abstinence alcohol sindrome

- blockade desire for alcohol

- coding for alcohol dependence


In which countries this problem is vexed?






What do you mean by "is vexed" ?

Thanks god that we don't have this problem but i think the russian weather has a big role to make many russians have problems with alcohol because they are looking for something to warm them up in freezing weather in russia .even some of them doesn't know why they drink but i think drinking a lot of alcohol can be very dangerous because it makes the person unconscious and can behave bad or do terrible things that wouldnt do if he/she conscious


egyptianka, I think you have a misconception about the russian weather. Russian winter is not so cold, trust me. :)


As for russian drunkards... Unfortunately, it's a question of the hour in our country. So many similar cases around me. :( Maybe it's a national goddamn? 

Also I guess that coding is useless thing. If man doesn't want to quit with drinking, nothing else can help him. It's my opinion. 

About the weather in Russia - Aisuly is right. Russia is a huge country. The "Russian cold" is a cliche. For example in Yakutia region frosts can reach -67 C. In Kaliningrad, where I live, the average winter temperature -3 - 5. In Sochi, the capital of the winter Olympiad-2014, +5-+7 C.

the theme of alcohol is not so simple. attitudes toward alcohol (among other reasons) determined the choice of the religion for ancient Russia.

"Обычаи мусульман, например не пить вино, не есть свинину, просты, но для славян были неприемлемы. И вот почему. По русскому обычаю, князь делил трапезу с дружиной. Этот обязательный ритуал скреплял дружбу князя с воинами, а что могло быть для князя важнее?...

В итоге мусульманским муллам Владимир отказал известными словами: "Руси есть веселие пити..." \ Л.Гумилев "Этногенез и биосфера Земли"

"The customs of Muslims, for example, do not drink wine, do not eat pork, simple, but for the Slavs were unacceptable. For such a reason. According to Russian tradition, Duke shared a meal with his entourage. This mandatory ritual cement a friendship between Duke and warriors, and wthat could be for the prince more important? ...
As a result, Muslim mullahs Vladimir refused with the famous words: "For Russia, it is a joy to drink ..."\L.Gumilev "Еthnogenesis and the biosphere of the Earth"

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