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what is your favorite cıty or cıties and why:=)_?

mıne is istanbul,los angeles and new york :)



Mine is Dubai , Moscow, Baku, Istanbul, New york.  ;)

As for me, London is city of my dream. And I even don't know why. :)


Rome <3 wonderful city, never been to lol

Dubai, UAE - The Persian Gulf is so clear you can see the fish swimming in the water.


New Orleans, Louisiana - The ambience and the food are awesome! 


Washington, DC -In 4 years living there I never got tired of visiting the museums, the National Zoo, and Georgetown. 

I will only list the cities I have been to. My favorites are Portland and Austin. Austin is lively and has amazing barbeque. It is in a region of Texas that is beautiful and to me it feels like home because I grew up in Texas. Portland is amazing. It is green and gorgeous. There is so much good food to be had, including all the street food. There is so much amazing scenery surrounding the city. Seattle is also gorgeous. I don't think I would want to live there because people are too high strung but I love the waterfront and the food.

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