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“Why are women... so much more interesting to men than men are to women?”

it is not said by me, it's Virginia Woolf's quote, but I would like to hear others' comments on this! I do agree with her :P we are really interesting men :D



Because women have been groomed to surpress all interest in the hopes of remaining socially acceptable whereas men have been encouraged to believe that the satiation of their interests is of great importance. 


I don't doubt that women could be just as interested in men and vice versa. Of course, to say that all men are interested in women(/female presenting persons) ignores the existence of those that aren't attracted to different genders but, still. Women are taught suppression is key whereas men are taught that aggression &/or dominance is. (It all comes down to an existence of a patriarchy & traditional gender roles but that's a topic for another day).

Women are exactly so interested in men like men in women. But women nature doesn't allow to reveal their interest and to act directly, like men do :) So it seems like only men need women, it's very comfortable and good strategic position for women. They are much smarter than us in relations (inter-personal) fields :(

Of course women look at other women, but IMHO only for comparison and competition :) I hope so.


I think you little bit wrong. They both posses intrest for each other but this is issue you are saying is now spreading because we are going against nature these intrests are going down when these gay and lesbian things going spread and organization workiong on it.

This really hurt both genders it will going ruined people lives believe me if we do not stop it.

From a boy's perspective, we or our eyes search for traces of girls, but theirs don't and even if they do, they are not as obvious to us as ours to them.


Here, where I live, men and women interested to each other equally. They may express it in different way but it is just a game to attract each other.


It's natural even if you look at the animals most of male animals are into female. They will fight other male animals in order to win the female. male animals court female animals however I am not saying that women have no interest in men.


Well, I must admit, The women are a beautiful thing in life but also women are into men with the same degree ;) but they won't admit it. They want from men to take the first step and honestly, I don't mind to take the frist step :)


Doris Day Δωρίς: Male animals o_O!!!!! SMH


Women are interesting to me a lot.
I don't know if it may help find the answer to your question, Elina

 Some of my female friends say that their partners are interested more in sofa and television than in them :(

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