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the Deep web

the deep web is a interesting place but dangerous , because i´ve listened many people saying that you can find the worst of the internet , but i also know that there are levels to enter to hat place ,

besides I ´ve listened that  in many cases your computer is hacked by a hacker ,but i have never entered to that place i say this because there are many vlogers saying their experiences and i dont know what to think , so what do you think about the Deep Weeb?

I´d like to know your opinion :D



Is true if you don't use something to masked your  " IP " ,instantly hacked.

Never been there , I stick to what big brother shows me. 

One day maybe ...

i have heard deep web is a very dangerous place too, specially for your computer some people says that if you enter the deep web your compurter might break down, beacause there are a lot of viruses and untrusted software so, i would not recommend to navigate in the deep web.

It's very interesting place. You can find there whatever you need. There are talks on topics that are not common for the clear web, freemarkets with lots of various stuff and else. I think you should try it, it's not that dangerous, but you may find some useful information there.

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