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Today there are so many girls who want to live at the expense of their partners. Also there are gigolos. What do you think about such people? Are they like parasites? As for me, I want to succeed by myself because I don't want to depend on my future husband. I don't want to be dependent at all. 



I wouldn't call children-parents relations as parasitism :))

Serg, I didn't mean children-parents relations. I meant men-women relations.

I think every single person should be independent. I agree with you Aisuly because people should earn money to look after themselves.


It is hard for some parents to leave their sons on their own, but It's a decision that they have to make some day that's why is important to prepare the kids for the life, because parents are not going to take care of us forever.

I don't know but I think those result of blind love. Man or women did only love and didn't see theirs future.

Such people are awful. 

Everyone should do their responsibiltiy. Well it's man responsibility to provide the needs of his wife and children but today's life is becoming more difficult. Bills are getting higher and only 1 person working in the family might not be enough to support the needs therefore it is better for woman to achieve something before getting married so that she can support her future husband and who knows if the husband die first in a young age. How will the wife raise her children if she don't know how to work because she used to be dependent always with her husband?

If you happen to call such people parasites,,I believe that you re not so different from those ones..What you re doing is that the is the easiest thing to do ..rememeber it...I also sense of some jealousy..

As if one werent enough,,now another one doing the second-guessing ...l doubt that whether your C2 certificate is valid !!!

I happen to have spoken this bloody language for 26 years..just having that phony c2 certificate of online Oxford apps does't cut it out and about my sentences I dont see any mistake !!!!you re learning  english literally..well in the exams it  is good but it doesnt justify insulting someone who you dont know at all 

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