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Pre-marital sex, immoral?

Delhi court gave its verdicted that- "Pre-marital Sex is immoral" (Not illegal).


It explained- "No religion in the world permits to have pre-marital sex". If one does then its immoral. Having sex with beloved one before marriage beliving that he/she will marry me in near future is just assumption and its not guarentee that he/she may marry. So one should be ready possible consequence of pre-marital sex.


What is your opinion?


Thank you:)  



"Moral" or "inmoral" is just a consecuense of the culture, In every culture people have different opinions about what is "good" or "bad", that doesnt means is correct or not, pre-marital sex is just a desicion, and no one but you can decide if do it or not, Is just an Stigma belive you need to be virgin untill the marriage, For example, for the christians Mary gave a birth to jesus at 14-15 years old, and that was normal in that times, but now is different, if you see a teeneager pregnant is not normal. Other example, is the homosexuals, untill now be gay was a social stigma, people see the gays like bad people, but long time ago be gay was just a privilege for rich people and was something good.


I my opinion, Pre-marital sex is something good(just when you have a relationship), because is a good way to know if the couple will be compatible in the future, Believe or not, Sex is one of the most biggest problems in a relationship, and if you married with someone and the sex is bad, is probably the couple will break up after some time.

Aaron : "Moral" or "inmoral" is just a consecuense of the culture, In every culture people have different opinions about what is "good" or "bad"


This "rule" just exists to keep the order in the world.

Imagine if you marry someone whom you don't like to make sex with.

What do you prefer? Pre-marital sex or divorce?

Your choice.

According to the Bible, premarital sex is sinful. I agree with this precept and believe that many of the problems that exist in the world would not exist if we followed what the Bible has to say about sexual immorality.

brasiamericano, maybe we read different Biblies, but I don't remember where are told about "sex before marriage" there. If you talk about "You shall not commit adultery" then it's about cheating after the marriage.

Don't invent here new comandments please..


We live in the twenty-first century and I think nowadays nobody obeys such commandments. Be that as it may, in my country. 

I think the same way. 

Thank you for all your comments...I agree with your all views...But Indian court jursdiction doesn't cover your country and also Indian teenagers love and desire:) As I seen, many Indian girls prfere to be virgin before marriage. 


Do the women prefer to do it because of social stigma? I mean maybe they have the desire to do it but don't as they would be looked down upon.


Personally I find the whole idea behind keeping your virginity for purity reasons sickening. It likens women to products that can be spoilt. I find valuing someone on their sex life very weird.


To me morals are about right and wrong and about what you do affecting others and society. I'm not sure of the negative effect of pre-marital sex. I agree with others that it's a cultural or societal device. It's to try and control people.

Love is the only law. 

Marriage is a contract, it can also happen without love. But love is not a contract; love is freedom.

Sex without love is violence; everything without love is violence.


This is just my opinion.

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