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Blonde or brunette? :)

There is an eternal war between blondes and brunettes. There are also stupid stereotypes such as "blondes're fools" and "brunettes're bitchs".
What do you think about it?
And a separate question for men. Whom do you prefer: blondes or brunettes? :)



The hair color is not important. There are other more important human qualities. By the way, these stereotypes are ridiculous. 

Maybe you are right. 

Is it yours photo? Well, then brunette

Andrey, thanks. It's nice.)

Georgi, haha, you're absolutely right.)

I don't remember how many times I did it.)

"Green goddess"? Explain me, please.)

Be careful, you might get burned. :)

Is this you on your user picture? Well, then brunette

Serg, you repeat what has already been said (сомневаюсь, в правильности предложения). Look at the top comment. You all the same. :))

Thank you, Serg. 


Aisuly, yes, but they are nice. =)

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