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What were your aims when you started studying a foreign language? Did it make your life easier, more interesting or you were exhausted and disappointed?



I learned English because I plan to join long trip. It's either for study or for a job. There is no good reason to study Spanish but I follow my gut instict :)

Thanks,I liked your answer)

I'm learning English. It does make my life easier because I'm living in the country which speak English . It is a long learning term for me. I felt really frustrated when into some urgency, I couldn't understand exactly what people talked and I couldn't express clearly what I wanted to say. I also have to deal with the things of daily life, like banking business, insurance or purchase. Trust me, you will feel uncomfortable while there are lots of bills or Emails in English in front of you. ;) but after learning English day by day, I feel it is like megic. I can undertand more and more what people's talking and my reading is getting fast. I enjoy the sucessful feeling. It also encourages me to improve.

Yes nadya i like your entry. i dont know how other people have look at your question,
but i'm enjoying learning english and i'm not disappointed. It's intersting to learn any language.


I have found my life so inspirational since I have started learning English. in fact by learning English I have found all sorts of cultures more accessible.

I learned english because I was sick of seeing so many stuff in english and not understanding, I also wanted to meet more people from differen places. At the end I liked a lot learning it and I went ahead and started learning more languages.

Hi my name is Luiz and I am 16 years old. Right now I can speak 4 languages and you have to believe... it is amazing. I can talk to other people from other countries it makes me feel alive more confident, happy and so on.

in my bedroom there are more than 150 sticky notes on the wall every new word that I've learned I write down and put there :-) 

It has made my life difficult because I don't have much free time before work and now I have no free time what so ever. I still find time to do things my son has to do, but in my busy life working over time and being a mom dedicating 2 hours a day is hard, and when I don't reach that goal which is often I am very disapointed with myself. Learning a new language is still something I want to do though, and I believe all the hard work will pay off down the road if I keep sticking to it. It isn't all bad though, I enjoy learning and understanding more and more in movies and such.


kaleem,I hope so,thank u))
hossein,u're right,thx)

Cristian Ibarra,I liked your answer)

Luiz,thanks,wow,isn't it amazing&?!)

Mackenzie,thank u so much)


Of the times that I have begun learning new languages, I had the hopes to become fluent so that I travel the world. However, I have started many, and I've always grown frustrated over time. I do believe that the high school, classroom environment added to my frustration. That, and the lack of excitement. When I was teaching myself German, I did fairly well, but I didn't have anyone to practice with, which discouraged me. Now that I am starting fresh with Hebrew and have purpose behind it, along with the prospect of conversational help, I am excited to try again.

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