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Why Asian girls don't like white dudes who like them?

I've heard that Asian girls don't use to like guys that get attracted by them because of their origin. A Taiwanese friend of mine even told me that asking an Asian girl's nationality may sound kinda racist.

Well, I know that only one's appearance, origin or race are too superficial aspects to take into account, however I don't think that finding a girl cute because of her eastern traits could seem like a kind of racism, after all, who doesn't like to get hit on every once in a while?



only god knows :D

Really? I think it is a compliment if someone like you because of your origin and race. 

Me too.

I am part-Chinese and I find it repulsive if someone likes me just because of my colour or nationality.


I would rather they like me for what I choose to be, and/or work hard to be, than for what I am being born to be. 


P.S. I hold nothing against white dudes, in fact I had only ever been out with white dudes...


Mia, I agree with you about the fact that everyoneone wants to be admired more for their qualities than for their appearance, but the simple fact that one person catch the attention is not enough to get annoyed. When you see someone the first time, what do you can see at first? His heart and mind or his physical apprearance?

I don't have anything against white (or other) people finding Asians attractive. But if their interest only stops there, it's certainly a put off.

Same goes if I were to say I like hairy guys, it's totally fine (isn't it? Lol). But if that was all I look for, it's just dumb and shallow. 

Yeah, that's true.

Sincerely I would not like that a woman wants to be with me because my nationality or skin color. I don't like superficial women, I prefer a woman who is with for my qualities, but I must confess I like Asian women.

What's an Asian women supposed to look like? Turkey, Russia, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Japan...


They all look the same!!??

an Asian woman

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