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simple but interesting books

Please, give me some advices which simple but interesting book can I read?




That's a hard question!


Here are a few that might work, depending on your level:

the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

"Matilda" (or other books) by Roald Dahl

any books by Beverly Cleary

"Charlotte's Web" (or other books) by E.B. White

I heigly recommend this book its an interesting novel It's called the alchemist it's was written by Paulo Coelho and it has been translated into at least 56 languages.

i advice you to read the holy quran this is great book and deserve to read it :)




Damon Galgut is a good writer with sparse text but interesting story.

Also Ernest Hemingway's short stories are nice and direct for practicing English.

It is also good to use introductory readers to read more complex texts.

Oscar Wilde - Importance of Being Earnest... excellent short funny story

The Mediator series by Meg Cabot :D

@Jacky Never judge other religions, it's not good :) To you your religion, and to us our religion. So, let's value each other ;)


I guess that you have brainwashed by media. Islam is a religion of kindess and good behaviour, not (sorry) beast behaviour.

"Famous Five" series, very interesting for teenages and ex-teens. 



In my opinion, there is no way to read "simple but interesting book" :)

To read books in English you should know at least 7000-10000 most frequently used words.

You can test your vocabulary here

Otherwise you will be checking dictionary to frequently while reading and this don't allow you enjoy your book.

So there are, as I see, only two possible ways:

1) read books adapted for small vocabulary

2) increase your vocabulary and read not-adapted books


Of course you can combine them :)



Otherwise you will be checking dictionary too frequently while reading and are not be able to enjoy your book.


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