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What was the best blockbusters movie the last year?

What was the best movie the last year?

This year in Hollywood was crazy, some Blockbusters were success but other ones disappointed. For me the best Blockbuster movie last year was Pacific Rim, I know that movie had some disadvantages but the story and visual effects are amazing, What do you think?



it is so nice film and i like that kind of movies containing sci-fi. i recommend frozen ground to nicolas cage.

mmmm I haven´t heard about that movie, what kind of movie is that?

pecific Rim was a great movie. I enjoy watching movies sci-fi

in 2013 there are many a greate movies like world war z its a crazy movie and another one is Olympus Has Fallen .....and Jack the Giant Slayer

The other movia that I enjoyed was Man of Steel, I think that the director spent really good the budget because the special effects were terrific!!!!

I have recently watched "The Reader". It is my most favourite movie now. Although men don`t like such a kind of films - a melodrama.

I like whatever kind of movie (that inludes the melodrama too), I´ve seen pride and prejudice and I think that te best actress for that kind of movie is Rachel McAdams (You have to see Morning Glory Елена)

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