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What do you think about scientific testing on animals?

Most of drugs and treatments available today are results of scientific tests involving animals. Is it a disrespect with the creatures or it's necessary for the ascension of the human race?

The difference between human and animal organism is not the only argument. Also, the ethic is broken when they are submitted to tests. What is your point of view?



That's a really good question!

In my opinion test on animals is wrong because they are alive and they can suffer but, it's necessary cause if it's not done we couldn't be healthy.

I mean, there are worse stuff on over the world which are not right but they must be done if we want to progress.

To conclude, test on animals is better than test on humans, they have no feels and they aren't logic but we have them and we are logic.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Boris.

- Humans are animals. Religious people will deny it but anyone who has any knowledge of biology knows it's true.

- There is absolutely NO difference in the way human and non-human animals feel pain.

- "We have logic" "We are intelligent". Following that logic, it would be perfectly alright to test on mentally retarded people or anyone intellectually inferior. How does that sound?
"I mean, there are worse stuff on over the world which are not right but they must be done if we want to progress."
Such thinking is very reminiscent of that of the Nazis. A lot of what we know on cryogenics we learned thanks to the experiments performed by them on human beings. I guess you find that perfectly acceptable, Boris, since it was done for the sake of progress. I don't, and I don't support any kind of animal exploitation either.

Nothing justifies cruelty. We're in friggin' 2014. I don't call torturing millions of animals "progress". If anything, it's yet another proof of how morally despicable we are despite our so-called superior "intelligence".

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Alexandra.

I am in favor of performing medical experiments on animals if there is reason to believe that the experimentation will eventually lead to a reduction of human suffering.  

Thanks for your opinion, Neil.

Oh, the speciesism...

Alexandra, why speciesism?

You tell us that humans are exactly as animals, so do you think the wolf reflects when he eats a rabbit? Or maybe a lion thinks how cruel is life when he kills another gazelle? Or maybe you think the hippo will sacrifice his children because any idea of cruelty of suffer? Any animal cares about its specie survival, this is evolution.

If we are animals as you say, it's expected that we will care about our specie survival, even if somebody dies or suffers during this process.

Alexandra, I just must to recall when you said that plants could be killed free, isn't it the real speciesism?? :D

You're back to plants, hahaha. Debating with you is impossible, you repeat the same thing while ignoring every answer given to you, so I'll be brief:

- Non-human animals do not exploit other animal species.

- Exploitation of other animals by humans has nothing to do with our survival.
We aren't in any danger of becoming extinct, on the contrary overpopulation is most likely the biggest problem in the world today and NOTHING real is being done about it.

- Plants aren't a species!!! Plants are part of the plant kingdom, human and non-human animals are part of the animal kingdom. Off-topic/irrelevant.

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