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Vegetarians. Who are they???

What do you think about vegetarians?


So in my opinion vegetarians are kind, slim and healthy people.

One man said: "Good person has never hurt an animal". It is absolutely truth.

Althought the amount of vegetarians is growing many people eat meet and don't want to stop it.


Are you vegetarian or meat eater? Why?

What can you say in your own defence? Or what can you say in favor of vegetarianism?



OMG, another preach...

Not preach, Serg) Only my opinion. You can tell me yours. Please, do it)

I rether eat just vegetables for health reson but please could you see the world. People kill each other and they keep speak about vegetarian. SMH

You're certainly right, Comandate. It is fortunately that there are none kills in my town. So now I'm thinking about animals. It seems for me that a vegetarian has never killed other person.

So I speak about compassion to animals but this implies that moreover people must not kill each other.


I didn't want to hurt your feelings. Excuse me, please.

I know vegetarians people and I respect their option but I could not be vegetarian, I like so much meats and chicken and I don't like vegetarian food. Being vegetarian has advantages and disadvantage. The advantage is you have good health: low cholesterol, no overweight, protecting against disease. The disadvantage are if you are the one in your family you have to prepare your food and low protein but if you eat legumes, you should not have problems.



Аника : You didn't do any thing wrong, and so am I. I just tell you my opinion, and I respect yours.





Thanks for your replaying, Alberto P.. So few people support my discassion. 


I agree with you about family and legumes. I think that every vegetarian undoubtedly must eat legumes because it has specially proteins for health.

Maybe I didn't understand you correctly. Thanks for your opinion, Comandate)

You are not correct that vegetarians do not kill others. Hitler was a vegetarian. It is a big assumption that people who do not meat are somehow much kinder and in general a better human being. Also, not all vegetarians are healty. Many that I have known eat junk food, stuff like prepackaged meals and pizza. It might be all natural like "Amy's", but it is still frozen already made food. I do eat meat, and I don't believe in being wasteful or that you need giant portions of it, and for the most part I eat healthy and conservative about my food. Unprocessed meat is incredibly nutrious, and is loaded with nutrients such as B-12 which you cannot get through vegetables.I believe you can eat meat in a healthy way.

I am in no means bashing vegetarians, but it sure doesn't make them better people then meat eaters.


I am a vegetarian for many reasons. Here meat is very expensive and the way we raise animals in North America is none too kind. 

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