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What's better: be loved or to love?

Once one character of one soviet film "Samaya obayatel'naya i privlekatel'naya" uttered the phrase: "one loves, second allows others love himself". Do you agree with her?
What's better: be loved or to love?
There are people who don't belive in true love between two people. They think this is impossible.
The fact is that, it's quite hard to find "your person", who will love you as well as you will love him.
What do you think about this? In your opinion, is it right: be loved by another person, if you don't love him?

What you usually do when you face with such a situation?




Well, in my opinion it's better be loved than love someone because when you love someone and that person doesn't love you it feels wrong.

However, if you are loved you don't suffer but the other person will feel wrong if you don't correspond him/her.

In conclusion, love is shit! (Sorry for the expression)

That's really awful, when someone, who loves you and is waiting for mutual feelings from you, can't get one. Harder, when he asks you looking into your eyes: "please, tell me that you'll always be with me". What would you tell him? I think nothing. After some time you'll go off, if you have at least a small part of humanity.
In my opinion, I wouldn't allow myself to make that man unhappy. Let him be loved and happy next to another person.

For me it better to be honest for my self and other.

Don't play with they feeling,think that you can make him happy with accept his love but in fact you not love him. Just imagine you stand in their position when you really love someone and then you know that he/she not love you, he just pity with you. what do you feel inside? so hurt right.


Except you sure you can love him back, but still you must to be honest to say that you will try to learning to love him/her.. It's not automatic you need time to know him/her better until you have the same feelings but if that feeling not come yet better not to be force.

As for me it is better to love because this feeling have to through everyone,despite the suffering.


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