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The Italki Language Challenge for Arabic


Hello and Aslam ALykom, 


Now, I guess most of you heard about the Itlaki Language challenge which will start in 4days


Take 20 hours of sessions with any community tutor or professional teacher. You'll receive your 10USD pledge back AND 30 USD in italki credits. 

I believe it's a great way to motivate any language learner to start working on their language learning with a considriable price. 

So, I am currently offering 20hours pacakage for all of the Arabic courses with 20$ discount.


So, you'll be saving 50$ for 20 hours of learning Arabic. 

Check the italki challenge and follow the required steps,

then go to my profile to take the pacakge. (PS: you'll always welcome to take a trial session first)


Don't know how to book a session? well, watch the following video: in English in Arabic


My offer will be over by the time the italki challange will end. 


So, get motivated and start learning Arabic. :)








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