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Do you like travel? Where have you been? What is your favourite place?



Love travelling.I have been to Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai.In fact I have worked in Qingdao for half a year.During those days I loved just sitting on the beach and overlooking the beautiful sea, wondering what looks like the other side of the sea. And Badaguan Scenic Spot with so many different kinds of buildings in western architectural styles is my favourite.When I was a little girl I longed for modern lifestyle in big cities, but  now I just want to live in a clean place, where I can get close to the nature.

Travelling ALONE is one of my favourite hobbies. Xi'an is a city that impresses me the most. Because I could ride the bicycle on the ancient walls. ( I'm a bike lover.)  But there're dirts flying on the street. It doesn't have a good environment.

I really miss the time when I rode the bicycle. Hope that I can go there again. :)

i love to travel and i had been US and belarus 2 times both :) my favourite places is St Petersburg but i havent seen yet :)


I have been all over the world by myself  and have loved every place I've been to.  From South America to Asia to Africa,  I expereinced nothing but hopitality and kindness. Travel is the best investment one can make. 

I enjoy travelling a lot. Nowadays, when I have any opportunity I prefer to travel around my country - Brazil. It's definitely a beautiful place. But I traveled to the USA 13 years ago and I have never forgotten New York - Time Square... and I wish I could come back there one day.

I have visited many countries, and it's hard to pick a favourite. But in terms of general happiness, and friendliness of the locals I would have to say Barbados in the Caribbean. Great place to chill out, beautiful scenery, great beer and everyone is just so laid back over there. I was lucky enough to go out there to play cricket for my county on tour, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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