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meaning of sardameh

I saw this in a song:

"Arash, bi to sardameh, ey eshghe man!"

i would like to know more about the word "sardameh"


it seems to be a junction of sard+am+eh

sard - cold

am- refering to "me"

eh - third person of verb "to be"  in spoken form...

but i can't see the logic of it...i think it means "without you i am cold, oh my love"...




It s cold for me

"without you i am cold, oh my love" it s correct.

it means I'm feeling cold without you, oh you are my love

Well, thank u for the answers...maybe i didn´t make myself clear...but i don't want only the meaning (which I knew already, more or less)..I want to know about this construction sard+am+e...the element 'am' can always be also translated as "for me", not only "my" or "I am"?

I would translate it "sardame" like this ''I feel alone, because you're not near me''.

you are right.

sardam+eh. eh means hast. and about sardam or garmam, consider this word as an expression to make a sentence to show you feel cold or hot! I can't be grammatically expressed by English equivalant factors!but if you wanna have a idea(it's wrong grammatically but if you wanna have a clue):

sard+am=> cold+(possesion pronoun refer to me as you said)

Notice:but it's grammatlically wrong in Persian.

so just memorize these expressions:

sardameh, I feel cold.

sardeteh? do you feel cold.

sardesheh.he/she feels cold.

garmetoon shod?/ are you feeling hot now?

thank you, Pouya, for your detailed explanation!

i didn't know that was wrong (grammatically) but used in day to day life (and in popular songs :) )...It is a kind of "slang"...

Could I use, in the same line (informally), other words like tanhaa? ("tanhameh")?

I meant I can't explain this in the way we learnt exactly in Persian by English equivlants but it works temporarily !

No, you can't use this structure for all the words(adjs) just certain words. tanhameh is wrong.

you know I can't tell you any specific rule, it is used just for some words in spoken informal persian.

for example: khoshesheh is correct! means he or she is enjoying him'herself! or she or he is happy!

as a question we ask: khoshet hast? just you should see and listen to the movies and serials maybe songs in Persian to know and memorize them, in addition there are not too many words u can use in this way and as an native speaker I can't list them all for you cause I can't remember them at the moment.

If you faced anyother one let me know :)

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