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Which countries do you want visit in future?Why?



I would like to visit Romania because I in this country live a important person for me and I would like to meet its culture but I would like to visit all countries.

I have never been abroad so I agree with Matheus but most of all I want to visit  England, Germany, Poland, the USA, South America


I wish to go Canada because of its landscape beauty. I have saw some pictures and I have surprised because of its beauty.


I don't know, I just like this country

France and England ! maybe there are very traditional culture and lovely scenery, so I like it. 

Spain. I want to see my favorite football club, Real Madrid

If I have a lot of money, I would like to visit Russia, Japan, Germany, England and Argentina.

Germany: Because it is gorgeous, I am learning German, and want to drink great beer. I want to visit some of the famous cathedrals and castles.


Vietnam: Because it is also gorgeous and I am fascinated with the cuisine and culture. It would be like nothing I have ever experienced before.


China and Japan: To eat mostly. I want to visit the szechuanese region of China so also to sight see.

china would be my first choice the people seem really nice and it has a rich culture and some beatiful landscapes i can photograph :) i would love to visit many countries and i would love to be able speak at least some of the language of the country i visit :)

First choice is definitely China, mostly because of the rich culture and beautiful sights! It seems so diffrent from all other cultures.


as the second destination I would like to go to New Zealand to see some of the sights were the lord of the rings trilogy took place.

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