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Penpalship. Share your experience.

I guess I'll copy my notebook entry here as I would really like to hear some opinions on the subject (I had no idea how it works on this site) ;) Great thanks to Frank for correcting it and adding some commas.

Ok, here we go...


As soon as I got a stable Internet connection at home, which was about 5 years ago (I know, I know... it's XXI century and stuff..), I joined several language exchange sites with the most grandiose plans to master Swahili and Japanese, Arabic and Afrikaans.
Naturally it led me nowhere, as it seemed like no one in the language exchange community was actually interested in the language exchange itself. So after a few rather pathetic attempts I gave up on it, though I kept hanging around penpal sites, which after all did help me with my English quite a lot.
Personally I don't believe in pure "language exchange", for me it is much more important to have something in common with the person I communicate with than to have a language exchange partner who is experienced in teaching.
And of course by "penpaling" I don't mean just snail mail correspondance or emails exchange. For me it includes most of the modernt means of virtual communication - emails, text chat, video chat.
So have you ever tried to penpal? What was your penpal experience?



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