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does someone has a problem with recording a voice ?

Hello everyone !

i am trying to write a notebook in russian it was not an easy decision to record what i wrote in russian but every time trying to record it and press record button then accepting italki to access to my microphone and after that seconds should start counting after pressing record but nothing happened and all buttons in the window are inactive ,talking about save ,stop button and play

so someone has the same problem ????? 

hope someone has a solution . i want to speak my horrible russian :D




Hello Egyptianka, few days ago, I got to record  messages, a friend of mine told me about Flash Player, maybe you have to updated it, I did it and now I can send these kind of messages. Try this too, when you open the voice option, click on the question mark then choose Global Privacy Settings and click allow.  Good luck! Bye

That's what exatcly i did yesterday but in the same time thought about asking other users maybe they have solution because 

getting a reply to a request from support team can take long time 

i think if the problem is with flash then it will be shown in the record box you know when you have problem with flash and open a video on you tube you see a message telling you that but with the record box everything looks fine 

Thanks guys 

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