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I'm Mohamed from Egypt!

would like to have a friends all over the world,i'm learning Spanish and Trying to improve my English.

if any one would like to practice English with me or learn Arabic just let me know.




Do not put capital letters (Trying) in the middle of sentences (unless a name). Put them at the begining. You also need to put "I" at the begining of your first sentence.

Can you understand the message?

Let me know! ^-^

Yeah sure i get your point, thank you for your notice!

If you looking for friends add my skype... edson.f.ribeiro

I've just added you!

hola amigo yo temnbién estoy aprendiendo el espanol....ese es mi skype :chahinjlali


Hi Mohamed, I too am learning Spanish and have been learning Spanish for years now. For me at least, learning another language is challenging, especially speaking it well. I'm happy to help with your English (questions, reviewing your writing, tips, expressions, etc.), and in the meantime, good luck with your other languages!

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