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Present simple vs present continuos

A ver si por fín puedo entender bien cuando se utiliza uno y otro, pues todavía no lo tengo claro.

I live here.
I'm living here.

I eat an apple.
I'm eating an apple.

¿Alquien me puede explicar cuando se usa uno y otro por regla general?




Simple present: a habitual action: I leave my house in the morning. I work every day; She teaches English.

Also can be a universal truth: the sun rises; the baby cries;

Or even a scheduled event: (it is in the morning and you say to someone) the meeting is 5pm., it was planned for sure.

The third person: the verb takes s/es.

The interrogative/negative: auxiliar: do/does (except for the verb be which is a main/aux verb).


Present continuous: the action started in the past, keep during your conversation and maybe a little while in the future. E.g.: you are talking to someone else and then you say: I am reading a nice book. You started it maybe few days ago but you are still doing it and didn't finished yet. It is formed by sub + be + verb<ing>.

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