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How old are you fall in love?




I think that throughout our life we can fall in love many times in different ways.  


The way that we fall in love with the girl in school who we think is cute is different to the way we fall in love with the woman we meet that we care for.  I don't think one type of falling in love is better than another, but I think that it is possible to fall in love many times with many people.

i was going to 14 when i fell in love at the first time

I was 0 years old... I love my mum

t.when i was at school, now i'm going work thay body out, i'm sexy i knew it. :)

In the first time I was 12-13 years old.

Honestly, I did it many times during my life. I'm very amorous.))

when i was 17 years old..
I think that love live whole life if is the person is right.
yes, there are many types of love. But i think that for each of we there's the person. Love doesn't end if that's true.

love is thing for everything, so love has no beginning and end.

I would rather fall in chocolate! :-)

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