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What do you think about Italy?

I'm curious to know what do you think about my country... Italy! :)



I like Italy, is one of the countries I want to visit someday. I'm fascinated about its history and architecture. I'm a little bit Italian too, my last name is Bizinelli. :)

Some years ago I went to Italy and it was a great experience.

I think that italian boys are beautiful liar with their 'ciao bella', they only eat pizza and they like have fun I guess! I hang out with italian people and there are amazing. Sometimes they think to be the master of the world but they are nice people. 

There are stereotypes.



Oh, thank you for answer me!

@Henrique: you'll are welcome to Italy!

@melyssa: Ahaha Yes, we like have fun. I'm Neapolitan and I eat pizza very frequently; Naples is city of pizza ahah. Thanks for your attention. :)

@Marta: I'm a serious man ;) ...

pizza and spagetti!!!!! yum!

neighbor country!!!! <3 i m from corfu greece, and i can say that the italian way of thinking and acting is very similar to my country and especially corfu!! most of the words here are italian like fanestra wich is the window -in italian is fenestra and lots of other words!

I like some Italian food,like a pizza.


And, I wanna go to Italy someday.

good place , i want to go someday

-I got two Italian Friends in my life. From my eyes, they were Cheerful.

-Economy in italy seems not good , with huge debt

-Mafia in italy seems terrible


It's an amazing country! I liked the people there, the weather, the language)
It's an incredible place to live and travel)  

@Kuu3: Yes, we have some problem with economy... I think that the cause is Euro (€). 

Mafia is not a organization; Mafia is the society, all societies: Italian society, French society, Greek society, Chinese society, Japanese society... all societies are Mafia. All banks are Mafia. Mafia is not a Italian product, Mafia is inside all societies since many years. This is my opinion. 


Thank you all for answering me! :)




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