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British VS American accent

British VS american accent ? which one do you prefer?




I don't really think there's accent to prefer even though I'm more accustomed to the british accent.These two accents are mostly used around the world and as non native english speakers it's better to be able to get them easily.


In the United States, many people like to hear British accents, which we consider to be -- perhaps for no rational reason -- sophisticated. Unlike accents from many parts of the world, we have no trouble understanding people from England...unless they start using "bloody" and other words or meanings that got lost in the migration to America.

For me I prefer American accent I had this American friend who helped me improve my English she was very helpful

I like american accent too.

British accent is easier to understand for non native english. I preffer the British accent.

The American one :)

i like British accent because i can understand it more than American accent

Yesterday I watched "Lost" in original and observed, that Americans "swallow" words, so it is sometimes really difficult to understand what they try to say. But there was no such a problem with Charlie or Desmond. 

Needless to say, I like both accents. Much depends for me not "how" but "who".  

We Americans do get lazy in our pronunciations.  For instance, very few people pronounce my name correctly.  While it is Dev-in, most Americans pronounce it Dev-uhn.  I believe it is simply because it takes a bit more effort to pronounce "ehh" than "uhh".

I could go on all day with similar examples.






Keep in mind there are many different American accents. Even though I haven't lived in the south for many years I still speek like a Texan but honestly am more clear and safisticated sounding because I have not been there in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I love my southern accent.

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