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How do you learn Chinese ?

How do you learn Chinese ?

A teacher ? Video ? Books ? Software ?

Something else ?




born aha


That's the same question I've been asking myself. I went to China for a few years, but it's a tricky language to learn. 

The best way are life and books. helps you a loooooooooot with memorizing characters 


I use a combination of things; anki for memorising and reviewing characters and vocabulary, lots of things to listen to on my phone for listening (mainly news reports), language exchange twice a week to practice speaking as well as reading novels and watching movies for fun. 


Learning a language is a long and difficult journey!


Textbooks and textbooks. Mostly with dialogues  + some grammar. Street conversations as well as trying to learn via skype or watching films/series or listening to songs simply doesn't work for me, at least in Chinese!


i have yet learning chinese but i like several chinese product haha

write one chinese character one whole page . Listen chinese songs . Watch drama with chinese audio / chinese subs .Refer through the dictionary . Do exercise chinese books .


I am a proponent of holistic learning so I have used all of the methods that you have mentioned.

Chinese is a very special language.

At first, you may find it difficult. However, if you practise it every day and talk to native speaker more, you will find it much better.

You can watch CCTV.


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