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Is life a journey or a cut-throat competition?

I have seen too many people fighting for better positions and higher salary or higher social ranks, but others do no care that much.


What do you think?

Is life a journey or a cut-throat competition?




Life is anything you want it


Be aware of your choice :)

@dandelion : Yes indeed! But sometimes man proposes, God disposes.

In my view, humans have animal instincts that make them competitive by nature. we compete for resources and this will only increase as the world population grows. Automation is creating less jobs for the unskilled and this will lead again increase competition


But sometimes man proposes, God disposes.

ОК. Whatever you want ;)

In my opion, our pressure will be more much more and more with social development. we are hungry to improve our living standard and to obtain well education, and so on. that is why people are fighting.

In my opinion life is a misterious journey.
The competition rises when there is a bad society. A society too competitive sets up people competitive. But people are not competitive of nature... people born to be free.
One born free, totally free; but education, religions and so on create a sad man.
In this world there is too aggressive, too "ego" and less compassion.
I think, I believe that compassion is only true religion.
Respect for nature (I'm vegetarian personally), respect for human beings, respect for whole world, respect for every creatures, respect for life. Compassion is the way for a better life. One have to love the life, everywhere, everytime.

The life is a misterious journey; we don't know where we are going, but the goal is not important... journey is more important than goal. The goal is for sad people, for people that want TO BECOME something, but journey is for happy people, for people that want TO BE only themselves, the true nature of being.

Thanks for your question Vostnochnaya Sholpan :-)

I think life is all about doing what you enjoy the most so I wouldnt care what happens as long as I was having fun :) 

Life is an experience about learning, enjoyment, helping others and leaving a positive footprint, not a negative one. Where you see a need, fill it. Where you see an opportunity to help others, take it. At the end of your life, you should be able to happily say, how many people have I helped along the way? How many people have I had a positive impact on? Make conections with people, rather than trying to make a fortune. That is what is important in life. The happiest people are those that take the time to help others.

Life is life! 

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