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What do you think about "Old New Year" in Russia?

In Russia 31th December  New Year and 13th January is Old New Year. Did you know it? 



It is same as in Serbia.I did not know that it exist in Russia.

This on 13th January should be more important but everybody celebrate better this on 31th December.

No! I didn't! We don't have such a feast here in Italy! How do you celebrate it? The same way you celebrate New Year's Eve?

old new year ? what is that mean? i still don't get it, what's the different among new year and old new year? is there any special ritual to celebrate or welcoming "old new year"?  will the 13th january become an off day in Russia? and why 13th should be more inportant than 31th desember? sorry i asking too much , eventhough we have google but i will appreciate if you answer my question hehe

It is because of differences between the Julian and Gregorian calendar.It is important for us because that celebrate Balkan countries and it is Orthodox feast.We waiting it on 13th January like this in December and on 14th January we eat ˝proja˝(ceremonial bread,corn bread)in which we put coin,one grain of corn and one of bean.Who find coin he will have money all year and who find corn or bean he will work a lot.

ohh thanks for your explanation, thats uniqe tradition, i wish u could find the coin, hehe =D


Ah, I got it. Different calendar, Similar to the solar and lunar calendars in China.

irawan kusuma,haha you're welcome and thank you...these year i didnt find the coin might i will next year :D

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