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Available fruit


Which fruit is most consumed and available for most people in your area ?


Here in Ukraine it's apple.


For cities' dwellers, apple and mandarin both cost almost the same amount of money, but for those who live in towns and villages apples are more available since they don't need to pay for them but can grown them in their gardens



Many fruits are grown in my hometown, Indonesia. But, in this time, mangos and rambutan (similar to lychee) are easiest to find :))


I have had to check wiki to answer your question and it said that I was ignorant enough on the subject, while I ,on the contrary, had a bit better opinion about my mind ability.

Anyway, wiki said that nut is a fruit.


So, Malarkey,  is nut most consumed and available fruit in your place ?


And, please, which nut or nuts are most consumed in your country  ?


apple banana orange


Thank you a lot , sasha cordiaz, karl and malarkey for your answers :)


M. Malsikof, I have googled the question and it looks like Strawberry is not a fruit. However, I am not sure.

Anyway, is Strawberry most consumed and available "fruit" in Netherlands ?

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