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What do you think about depression?

I have a brother with depression and this is very difficult for every. Becuase I really don´t know how to help you. So I really want your opinion about depression and about how to help people with this.



In my opinion, the only solution you can find is time.

People in depression does't want to talk to each other because they want to be alone.



as human being depression is natural feeling, and some people could find their way to healing their depression, but sometime some people need someone to healing their depression, maybe you can invite your brother to travelling or doing something fun and just tell him that he is not alone. hope that would be help

depression comes from many different reasons you need to find the reason makes your brother feel depressed then you need to fix that. It's easy

I hope he is alright.

depression is a disease, and it is very dangerous.
is when the brain does not produce the substance of pleasure. then the person does not want to do anything. have two people with depression in my family. take your brother in a therapist even though he does not want.

If you would like to help your brother, please, listen my advice, it is very easy, but it requires a bit search on the internet or in pharmacy shop... I don,t know where are you from, but try to ask in your area for a herb with latin name Hypericum perforatum! It has plenty names but in Englsih is called St. John,s wort. This herb is very very good for such cases as you have discribed by your brother. It is necessary to drink one cup of tea in the morning, in the midday and in the evening for three weeks. I,m sure that it helps!


Next herb is in latin Solidago virgauera - English name Goldenrod or Woundwort. It is excellent herb too. You can do bathes for your brother from coniferous trees plus to add an onion cutted on 8 pieces. Necessary to let it for 30 minutes or one hour in boiled water leach away all good properties of these by me mentioned herbs or only the onion and coniferous twigs.


Try to look for classical music, it can be Vivaldi or something diffrent and light a candle in the bathroom.


Same do for yourself as for your brother! Give it a try, you will see that it helps!!!


Enjoy it!


I think this is quite a dangerous question. I really wouldn't take medical advice from an internet site.


@Sam Witwicky

If only mental illness was that easily solved.

I have to agree with Mimi. Severe clinical depression is a serious issue and requires professional treatment from suitably qualified people. Please don't take the advice of strangers on the internet about issues as serious as this (except for this piece of advice of course!).

Thanks to all for advice me!


To ßdl.melyssa, I agree with you, maybe with time he´s going to be okay.


To irawan kusuma, thanks for tell me your point. I´m going to go with my brother to a nature park, becuase he likes the nature.


To Sam Witwicky, I agree in the part that you say they are a lot of situations that produces a depression. But depression is not easy for recuperating. 


To Michele, you´re right. Depression is an imbalance of brain.


To eva, I investigate about these herbs. In my country a lot of doctors alternative medicine use them ´hierba de San Juan´ and ´vara de oro´, but maybe I have to investagate more before use them.

To Mimi and amul, I agree with you, it´s better ask to a doctor in personal for asking about medicine, but I wanted something practical to help my brother.





The source of my information is from book " Health through God,s Pharmacy" written by Maria Treben. These two herbs which I have recommended to you are excellent helpers. By drinking of tea from St. John,s wort your brother should not go on direct sun. It is only one restriction. Of course all is necessary to do with measurments! Same as with eating, wine, sleep, tv, computer. All things are harmful if you overdo them. At least try music of Vivaldi, candle, an onion and coniferous twigs...  Your brother will see that you care about him and this counts more as all remedies of world.


Visiting of sauna, massages, pets are excellent, by you mentioned nature -superb. To laugh, to laugh, to laugh. Breathing - deap breath inhale and exhale 10 x by two nostrils, later cover your left nostril and breath only with it exhale and inhale 10 x, later cover your right nostril and exhale and inhale 1O x. If I,m not mistaken this breathing is called Panchakarma. You will find it on you tube, how to do it properly.

First of all, I say to your brother feel very sympathy

I think depression is much needed care though they rarely speak

Or very lonely himself but they need people to care and warmth

Because they are very afraid of is also very empty if free can try to communicate with him

Let him know that you are concerned about and pay attention to him.

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