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Most loved character from Harry Potter serie books

Which character from Harry Potter serie books do you like most of all ?



I like Hermione Granger. She is smart and hard-working.

I like Fred and George Wesaley.

I've always loved Gilderoy Lockhart.

alexandra, I am a little bit puzzled :)

Would you mind to tell what do you love him for ? He is definitely extravagant person.

Since the begining of the serie I've always loved Neville, but after reading 'The order of the phoenix'   Snape started to became my favourite character.

Fred and George Weasley, 'cause they are smart arseholes. 


Sirius Black and Mcgonagall.

Marta, Are you serious ? :)

What feature of her personality attract you most ?

Draco Malfoy is love ♥♥♥

From goodies I prefer Sirius Black, and Weasley twins )

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