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I need your advice about what should i do when i am alone!

I don't why ,but i really feel confused and scared when i am alone,i don' know what to do either!



Could you listen " You are not alone " song by Micheal Jackson. You need to learn take care yourself.

Go get new things to do, listen to music (no sad music please), watch a movie, find a language partner and learn a new language hahaha, don't spend your whole day in a computer, go to an amusement park (it's funny even if adults deny it), go outside and just breathe. There are so many things to do you just have to find them or let them find you.

Oh, There are too many things you may do.


1) Learn language;

2) Clean you room=D

3) Meet with strangers in reality

4) Go to the gym;

5) Learn to write with the other hand;

6) Go for a walk;

7) Learn beatbox;

8) ...



I say how about being a volunteer in a community

That's even a better idea. Sometimes I am too busy to be inside my head and when I lay down at night I start getting nervous thinking but then I'm probably too tired and fall asleep. It's not good just to sit their inside your head. Go out and be apart of the world.

thanks all the guys here,your advises are useful

you should atleast listen to your favorite music or just read ebooks or books. It will help you to lessen your boredome.

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