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how do you speak good in korean?



If you mean, "How do I sound like a naitive?" it is actually really easy. All you have to do is mumble some of the words and say them fast. Like with Annyonghasaeyo. Korean people dont say it "Annyong-Ha-Sae-yo" they pronounce it as "On-ya-has-eh-yo" and they say it fairly quickly. If someone is pronouncing every syllable and every letter, it is an almost dead give away that they are a foreigner. I don't know if you like Kpop or KDramas but they are a good way to learn how to speak like a Korean. If you don't like those there is also Korean Radio shows. Soon you will be able to talk in a Korean accent and all you had to do was listen and repeat.

I hope this helped!

Rainah made a good comment, but, to be honest, no matter what you do, Koreans will know that you're a foreigner, either from skintone or accent. Even the people who have lived in Korea for 10 years+, speaking Korean fluently, have "Foreigner" accents. It's kind of sad D:

If you have a good understanding of the language and want to get rid of your accent (if you have one), a good tip is to mimmick native koreans (either from movies, dramas or your korean family/friends). It have helped me with English.

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