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imperativ forms

Listening to the iranian songs i have learned some verbs in 'boro', 'begu/begoo', 'biaa' it polite (do I have just to say lotfan before or after)? I mean, there is another of saying the same politely or it is just normal use?



you can use lotfan befor or after the imperative verb no difference, but I preferably say :

khaahesh mikonam+ imperative 

if you are talking to someone who is not your friend and you have to talk to him or she formally you must use second-person plural form of imperative verb:

begooied,biaayeed,... otherwise he or she considers you as a impolite and arrogant person.

another way you can ask someone to do something so formally and so politely is that you the combination of two previous structures:

khahesh mikonam begooyied, khahesh mikonam byaeed,....

or lotfan begooyied,....

and the most polite way is:

khahesh mikonam agar momkene begooyied, khahesh mikonam agar momkene byaeed,...

means please tell me if it's possible(word by word translation) and would you please...

for asking someone to sit or to talk or ... in formal way one can say:

befarmaied, the meaning that what exactly he or she wants you to do (offers) depends on the situation and his or her physical guestures.

or it could be used with the verb both together specially for to sit ,like:

khahesh mikonam befarmaied benshinid.

hope my explanations didn't make you confused so just read first two lines to get your answer;)


yeah, we basically use "lotfan" by the meaning of "please" just in cases where we are asking someone who is not our friend or close to us , in order to respect him/her. If you want to tell your friend to come , you just need to say : "Bia" .No need to say : "lotfan bia". Of course it's up to you,  but you don't have to use it.





most of the people want to have good relation with each other. so right now here for respecting others we try to use those words which attract the audiance or listner to us. now we can use in my opinion to respect someone a little more we can say "bia" lotfan bia" "bafarmaein"

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