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What is your favorite music?

My favorite music is very varied since classical music until salsa

Music in english spanish or japanese

What about you?



I like to listen different music too,especially I like songs in spanish and of course english)What is more you can learn language through the songs.

I love all kind of music, pop, rock, folk, hip hop, metal, it depends on the day, but Caribbean music has something special for me.

Beautiful world, beautiful people!

I like Bomba Stereo from Colombia, they are great! Cumbia, cumbia!! :)


i like micheal jackson's music 

the white buffalo-the house of the rising sun

I like music that expresses sadness.

I love to dance salsa. Pretty good

I love listening to korean songs,though I can't actually understand their language 

I love to listening Japanese, English and Indonesian songs.

Any recomended to other country's song? Let me know yaah ^^v 


usually kpop and jpop

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