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Why learning Arabic?


Why do  people seek to learn Arabic? is that for :

1- learn just another foreign languge

2- know other culture

3- reading Quran

4- know who Arabes are



Everything you said is true as well the Arabic Language is very beautiful and poetical

I'm learning Arabic because I like the way it sounds, and it's different. 

Asalam Alikum. I am learning so that I will be able to read the Quran that is not translated to english. 

I think learning Arabic for some foreigners is related with reading quran or for religious purposes 

and other people learn it for fun or to communicate with arabs for businesses or friendship purposes and to know a different culture

I'm learning Arabic because i thought that with learning it, InshaAllah i will be able to read and understand the Holy Book in its original language.

Well basically for me Quran is the reason of learning Arabic.

Because I am a muslimah therefore it is a must for me to learn Arabic in order to understand al-Qur'an thoroughly. Besides, it is the language of people of paradise.

It is very nice to hear that, people around the wold want to learn ARABIC only for understand the HOLY QUORAN

In the sometime I regret that alot of ARABIC speakers don't read the QUORAN and don't follow its provisions


to know who arabs are... plus arabic is a beautiful language 

10 good reasons why you should learn Arabic:


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