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Arabic accent

If you want to learn arabic what would be the accent that you'd like to master ?



Lebanese. Not currently learning it but quite interested.

I don't really have much interest to master any right now, but my favorite currently is Egyptian and I do want to learn most, if not all, of the dialects at least to a point of understadning.


Well I wanted to learn arabic and chose the egyptian dialect.  I still love it! :)

there are other interesting accents you know ! 

wew i advice everyone to study the tunisan accent coz it is the most nearly one from the mother tongue 

Ghada, How many accents of Arabic language are there?

Every Arabic country has one of it's own ! and in that one country every region has it's own ! but mostly : North Africa like Moroco, algeria, tunisia and Lybia have some resemblance in the accent ! but not quite! Egypt on the other hand has it's own accent ! they miss pronounce some of the alphabet that's why it sounds easier and more fun to learn. there is also the Arabian Peninsula : Kuwait , Bahrain , Qatar, United Arabe Emirates , Oman , Yemen and Saudi Arabia And I add Iraq : they share similarities in the accent . a very funny one ! and then there is Syria, Lebanon and Jordan they have a cute accent that is mainly attractive .


Thanks Gada for interesting information. Behi barcha :)

OMG Nacir ! you know " behi barcha "  !  

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