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What do you think about vegetarianism/veganism?

well, I ask because I think people tend to be really judgamental about it.

I am a vegetarian and I think people are way too rough about it... 

so, what do u think? and if you are a vegan/vegetarian, what is your experience?



Ikarus, I totally agree with you! and Alexandra... I don't think it's that obvious, people should be polite enough to respect other people's beliefs, acts, habits, etc... and of course, with time you learn to deal with that bullshit but that does not mean it's right.

I see it differently.  Non-vegetarians rarely enter a room -- real or viritual -- and start telling people what they should eat.  Whenever I've seen a meat eater defend the consuming of meat here on italki, for example, it's always in response to a comment first made by a vegetarian.  Indeed, it's the vegetarians who more often display a judgmental "holier than thou" attitude. As has been said, it's none of anyone's, er, business, what others eat.



well I admit there are some annoying vegetarians... but that does not mean we all are! and I don't think it always start with a vegetarian's comment, although it usually is, I've been teased about being a vegetarian without me starting the argument... but with time I've learn not to pay attention to those comments.

Why do people judge and criticize each other for what they choose to eat? If you choose to be a vegetarian, it is your right to choose that and I respect your decision. I choose to eat meat because I feel that is what is right for me. In general, I think people worry too much about other people's business.

Alexandra: I would be the third person to just say, "OK, that's cool" and start talking about something else, although sometimes I ask a person what led them to make the choice to be vegetarian, not to be judgemental, but because I am genuinely curious.


cherry bomb,  how long are you vegetarian ?

I think, mother-nature is wiser than any of us,  and it made us (humans) omnivorous. So, I cannot consider vegetarianism to be healthy. However, it's everyone's right to eat or not to eat whatever he wants.

Dandelion: I've been a vegetarian for 5 years and I don't plan on stop being  one, it probably is one of the best things that has happened to me.


I agree that people have the right to eat what they like. I've always wondered: Is being a vegetarian a step towards becoming a vegan? Is veganism the end goal?


My thinking is if you're a vegetarian for health or moral reasons, then it makes sense that you should be aiming to become a vegan, since being a vegan is (perhaps) healthier and (perhaps) more moral. What do you think?

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