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What is the effective way to lose weight?




Diet and exorcize.

Eat less, move more!

Chop off your arm.

Eat less!!

try to eatless fatty food. 

Look for "intermittent fasting" like leangains, Warrior diet and others. There are many videos on YouTube where people show the amazing results.

You can loose weight in free fall, but you it is difficult to loose "mass" :)

i think that the best way to lose your weight is   to do running three times week, and you must be carefull what you eat. you shouldn't eat chees, and junk food  but try eating more vegetables.

sports is very important . both things are essential!  good luck for your weight! ;)

Have you tried any of the suggestions and what is your success rate.


Eat less.. Never eat in the middle night.. Exercise..

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