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What is the effective way to lose weight?




Diet and exorcize.

Eat less, move more!

try to eatless fatty food. 

Look for "intermittent fasting" like leangains, Warrior diet and others. There are many videos on YouTube where people show the amazing results.

You can loose weight in free fall, but you it is difficult to loose "mass" :)

i think that the best way to lose your weight is   to do running three times week, and you must be carefull what you eat. you shouldn't eat chees, and junk food  but try eating more vegetables.

sports is very important . both things are essential!  good luck for your weight! ;)

Have you tried any of the suggestions and what is your success rate.


Eat less.. Never eat in the middle night.. Exercise..


Dr Atkins and Me!


Well, I lose weight (or at least keep it under control) by EATING FAT and PROTEIN but very little carbohydrate. Basically, it's the Atkins diet. It keeps my cholesterol nice and low too. As a former vegetarian I do struggle a little with eating so much meat.


Breakfast is always 3 eggs, usually with bacon, sausages (made specially for me with no carb rusk added), and I risk a tomato. I add cream to my coffee, never milk (cream is fat, milk has milk sugar - lactose).


Lunch might be a large steak smothered in stilton cheese, and I risk a few vegetables.


Dinner is more meat, or fish, with cheese. I might add a little fruit.


I fry most things in butter so they have plenty of taste.


For snacks I go for macadamia nuts, and smoked salmon with cream cheese. Or slices of salami.


Having spent so long as a vegetarian I would like to find a more ethical diet... but it's difficult to get the very high fat/very low carb content in veggie recipes. I'll have to google 'Atkins' and 'veggie' and see what I come up with.


But my Atkins phases always end the same way... at some point I crack. Out the window go my resolutions. In comes the chocolate cake... and I binge. Have to admit it. Feeling thoroughly sick I vow never to eat chocolate again... and go back to Dr Atkins.


Until the next time the chocolate cakes calls to me.

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