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Hi Guys! אהלן חבר'ה!


This message is addressed mainly to those who learned hebrew by themselves, but hebrew native speakers (especially those who teach hebrew) also can help.


Some friends of mine from aborad have invited me to come and teach them Hebrew for about one month and a half. The thing is, that I don't know how much available access i'll have to the internet there. So I prefer taking with me also a book.


Does anybody know\learned with\heard about a good book to teach with\learn from Hebrew? 

I can teach by myself the letters and the vowels. but I need a book that will have explanations about the verb types (גזרת פ"א, פ"ו, ל"ו et cetera...) and good excersises sheets in general


Thanks guys! 





Dear Aviel,


I mostly studied with interactive online sites and with an online teacher with books that went with slides, so I don't know much about regular books. Yet this one might interest you: 

"לוחות הפעלים"

It contains all the verb charts with the regular as well as irregular verbs, as you are mentioning, the various גזרות for all the verb groups. Yet it might be too thorough, with too many charts, for the purpose you are describing, it does not contain explanations nor excercises, and it is all in Hebrew. So I am not sure; it may be perhaps part of what you need, unless you find something more simple. You would have to make up your own excercises by making your students compose sentences or by making them decline other similar verbs according to the same chart. 

It is an excellent book as it gives you the correct nikud, and in all the charts it shows the root letters of the verbs in a different colour - so it is easy to see what is happening with the other letters. It has a large index with a list of verbs (4200 verbs) which enables you to find which verb chart each verb belongs to, to know how to decline it properly. But as I said, it does not contain excercises.


So I hope you find a more simple book made for teaching, but if not, this may be of help.


Have fun on the trip and teaching your friends : ) : )


If you translate the explanations and print the charts this site may help you.  It is concise.


I am a self-study student, and I use the following books (purchased via

* Hebrew and Israel - First Steps, Self Study Course & Workbook

* Hebrew Workbook - Yesh Li Od Safa, I Have Another Language

* Modern Hebrew: Guide for Studying Hebrew Verbs - English/Hebrew Workbook


I use Hebrew for Dummies and Teach Yourself Modern Hebrew.

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