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Let's learn laughing (English version)

Agent Bond's car: the steering is at the right.

Agent Shtirlitz's car: the steering is at the left.

Agent Mulder's car: the steering is out there.



- Say, mister, has your neighbour really died?
- Sorry, it's true...
- That's why he is being buried!


Good jokes. I like laconic humor/witticisms a lot too.

You can find some examples here


From series "Men & Women"
Jack and Jill are walking by a restaurant:
Jill: Ah, what a nice smell...
Jack: Okay, let's pass one more time.

A man is selling apple seeds, and another man comes and asks:
- What is it?
- It is apple seeds.
- At what price?
- Twenty bucks for twelve seeds.
- Oho, why so much?
- A brain will work better, if to eat them.
- Okay, give! (he pays and eats twelve seeds right off) Hmmm, but I could buy more than twelve apples with twelve seeds in each for that twenty bucks...
- This is it, a brain works better!
- Really, it does! Give me one more dozen!


hahahahha the seeds joke is amazing big LoL ))
keep that great work up


A woman, who weared only trousers, first time wears a dress. Her son is seeing this, cries out: "Mommy, turns out, you are a girl!"

Jack and Jill are in a drug-store.
Jill is saying: Look, Jack! Oral contraceptives. And who was saying that it's impossible to become pregnant this way?


Excellent jokes discussion(,")

Here is the longest thread for jokes on italki for you, enjoy O_o

Yes, Mumtaz! I have looked over that discussion. I like your joke about Little Johnny


Антон, You just made me laugh, I like little Johnny too (,")

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