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Living in other country. Does the person need to know a local language?

Imagine you're going to work/study/live in other country.

And you don't know its local language. You know your mother tongue and English.

Do you need to learn this language? Or do you think you can live only with your knowledge of English?

If you need, why? Will it depend on law/requirements or your own feelings?




It's always ideal to learn the local language when moving to that country long term. Even if you can "get by" using English. It's just respectful to do and you learn quite a bit about the culture through the local language. At the very least learn the basics.

I could not agree  with you moore!

It depends on which city you will live in and if there are many people speak english there then you can depend on english but by the time you will learn the local language whether you like it or not because we all are curious and if it is rare to find someone speaks english or your mother tongue in some countries or cities then you will need to learn their langauge and you will need to know even basic phrases in this other language as a beginning just like greetings ,geneal and important questions and how to answer them and it will be so useful for you for example i learn russian and i know that in some russian cities ,it is so diffcult to find someone who speaks english and almost all inhabitants speak and understand only russian

anyway i beleive that learning languages always fun even if the language is hard such as russian :D

I think it's better to know the local language, but it's not really necesary. i think it also depends on how long you want to stay...

It depends on the language that you tend to learn..if that language is not widely spoken ,,I would stick to english otherwise it would be the waste of your time..let's say you go to Slovakia..would you learn that bloody language??

I would ask "Why not to learn?"

Although English is the universal language, it's always a good call to learn something new.
To make the most of your experience, I think you should give a try. Knowing at least the basic of their language will allow you to feel more comfortable about living abroad.

Good luck! 

Thanks for your question. I think it will be extremely inconvenient to work/study/live in another country and not knowing its local language.

First, language is how we communicate with others. We probably will need good communication to be able to cooperate at work. And if we refuse to learn its local language, making friends would be a big probem unless we just don't care. The local people would misunderstand us outsiders easily if we fail to communicate with them. Thus, it is very likey that we would face unfair judgements. As for me, I wouldn't bear the feeling of isolation.

Second, why not learn a new language? I would feel very sorry to waste such a good oppotunity. I just like to try on new things. :D Indeed, English is a universal language, but still learn some commonly used local words will help.

Although in some occasions, may not be necessary to learn if you don't plan to stay there for a long time. Make sure someone will look out for you. My oral English teacher don't know any Chinese, but she had a Chinese husband. So, I guess she is doing all right. 


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