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What did you dream last night?



I remember I was in a car, on traffic, when suddenly barrels on fire started hitting the car. Then I was trying to call 911 when was awaken by the ring of my phone. Yeah, I woke up with a start this morning! 

what an action dream!! I've dreamed whit Indian people, we were working all together on a tecnology company, developping web pages for internet hahahah. That's because before I fell sleep i was reading of Indian tecnologies.


I dreamed that my former scuba instructor from Belize sent me a message on Facebook telling me that Florence and the Machine would be giving a concert there on June 28th and inviting me to go. I was really excited because I love them so I booked a flight to there for June 25th. Then I woke up. (with the most soul-crushing of disappointments)

I dreamed that my relation with my girl friends is getting to be much worse,till we decided to broke up and everyone choosed his own way....i woke up but i wish that dream comes true

I'm not asleeped last night.

I don't remember what I dreamed last night but I usually dream to do some important thing with fantastic technological gadgets :)

Fede says tome he dreamed with coldfusion code ;D


I dreamt that I won 10 Million Dollars, but unfortunately I woke up.

royalcrown: You always speak in the future tense . There will,,, I will be ,,, beautiful virgins will ,,, There will be ,,,worlds will have ,,,Heaven will be awesome! but you tell us about your dream so it's already past. You should use past tense,so to speak. Am I right?


Any way, I do remember my dream but I don't like to speak about it. I like to keep my dreams to my self.



I forgot :|

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