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¿Cómo se pronuncia italki?


No se como pronunciarlo... ¿según tu idioma?



Una buena pregunta, en el inglés de Inglaterra sería  ''I'' como I am, ''talk'' como nuestra palabra talk, ''ee'' como en nuestra palabra tee. (golf y no la bebida)


Italki - I talk ee

I pronounce it like others have said: "I talk ee".  The "ee" has no meaning as far as I can tell.  But the "I talk" part is clearly from English.  On the other hand, adding the "ee" sound to the end of a word kinda sounds like baby talk---the way people sometimes talk in English to babies.  It may come from that. 

I pronounce it as it sounds i - tal - ki, but as the webpage is in english I think the correct way would be something like the phrase "I talk" or something like that.

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