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Russian with Vodka

Why russian people prefere to drink Vodka with a nacked body?



It's too cold for anybody to be naked during the harsh Russian winter, unless a Russian is in a very well heated place.  It's also dangerous to drink alcohol during extreme cold weather.  This time of year, Russians should neither be naked nor drinking vodka.

The Effects of Drinking Alcohol in Cold Environments
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" Physical Effects of Alcohol on the Body"

" In the cold, the body will constrict blood vessels in the extremities in order to preserve heat in its core for vital organs. Alcohol consumption causes the blood vessels to dilate, giving the illusion that it is providing warmth. In actuality, the blood vessel dilation in the skin takes heat from the body's core and causes the body temperature to decrease. If exposed to the cold, this makes the body more susceptible to hypothermia."

"Physiological Effects of Alcohol Consumption"

"The illusion of warmth bought about by alcohol consumption can cause impaired judgment. An intoxicated person is more likely to go out into the cold without suitable outerwear, exacerbating their chances for hypothermia. Combined with the compromised motor and analytical skills that accompany intoxication, the dangers in cold weather are furthermore compounded. Intoxicated individuals also are more likely to fall; in the cold, this can lead to a more dangerous situation."


muchas gracias por esos informaciones....pero hay un pregunta, eres adecto en el alchool?

Puedo beber alcohol con moderación. Soy un bebedor responsable.

qué tipo de alcohol preferes?

Mi bebida alcohólica favorita es Whisky Jack Daniels. No puedo beber vodka a menos que se mezcla con jugo de fruta.

They want to have fun :)

Neither catching a cold nor freezing to death because of a Russian naked winter party would be very fun for me.   :(

I wonder seif ali, how interesting observations and how "great knowledge" you have about russian people. 

i think that they do that for fun too :)

Anastasia i'm a's civilization and people's habit seems to me more important than knowing their langauge ...i know a 5 civilization

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