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Russian with Vodka

Why russian people prefere to drink Vodka with a nacked body?



muchas gracias por esos informaciones....pero hay un pregunta, eres adecto en el alchool?

qué tipo de alcohol preferes?

They want to have fun :)

I wonder seif ali, how interesting observations and how "great knowledge" you have about russian people. 

i think that they do that for fun too :)

Anastasia i'm a's civilization and people's habit seems to me more important than knowing their langauge ...i know a 5 civilization

anyway i don't drink vodka and I know some people, who do... and trust me, that's not so "Funny".... it's one kind of addiction like drug addiction

wow i'm wondred,actually this is the first time i hear that from a russian person.... my russian friends told me that  Vodka has been  a fandamental element in their life...anyway i like you coz u know the desease znd you avoided it ...keep going 

Seif Ali,

   you may be onto something. I have noticed that Russian women can become very defensive if you bring up the subject of Russian males drinking too much. There are interesting statistics from Russia between men and women that you will not find anywhere else: average lifespan of Russian woman- 78 years. Average lifespan of Russian man (not in prison): 56 years. Average age of Russian man in prison: 58 years (not as much access to Vodka). I don't think there is another major country where there is more than a 5-year difference between the lifespan of the genders, but 20 years difference in Russia. Be careful of their women....

yes i will do that mr  Tumpliner, i think you know too much about russian woman

i wish if there is any russian person here to defense ...

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